4 reasons you need a Mega Spray this summer

Night spraying can offer many advantages, including reduced wind speeds for minimised drift and slower evaporation rates. However, defective nozzle spray patterns can be much more difficult to see in the dark, even with high-quality boom lighting.

Balancing this concern against the inherent benefits of night time spraying underscores the importance of specialised lighting solutions, such as the Mega Spray. This unique blue LED boomspray light is engineered to address the challenges posed by nighttime operations, providing enhanced visibility for nozzle spray patterns, ultimately contributing to the success and efficiency of agricultural spraying activities.


Here’s four compelling reasons you need a Mega Spray this summer spraying season: 

More bang for your buck. 

Like all farmers, you’re most likely grappling with escalating input costs, including fuel, machinery, fertilisers, and, yep - you guessed it - chemicals. While prices are falling back towards pre-COVID levels now for products like glyphosate and Paraquat, limited supply of glyphosate, in particular, will start to drive prices up again. This price hike will be fuelled by increased demand after the large falls of rain in many areas, once again putting pressure on farming budgets. Fuel, too, remains higher than average, meaning the less time you can spend with the engine running, the better. 

Effective weed control also requires thorough coverage of the targeted area. The blue LED light assists the farmer in maintaining a consistent speed and distance, ensuring that the herbicide is evenly distributed, and little is being wasted. Featuring unique lenses that offer maximum LED performance, and an intense violet-blue spot beam that reaches up to 270m, the spray pattern becomes brightly illuminated, allowing maximum visibility to ensure that the your weed control efforts are a success, and that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. 

 Maximise your weed control  

Thanks to the welcome rain that’s fallen in many parts of eastern Australia, and the scorching summer weather that’s followed, a perfect storm for weed growth has emerged. This means that accurate timing and efficient application are more necessary than ever to nip those nasty weeds in the bud. 

With a blue LED light, you’ll be able to extend your working hours into the evening, or start them a little earlier before the sun rises. This flexibility is an important necessity during these warmer months, as spray efficacy is much better while the weather is cooler and more stable. In the current summer conditions, the ability to spray in the dark could mean the difference between a successful weed management operation and a total blunder, potentially costing you thousands. 

Control unwanted Spray Drift 

By illuminating the spray pattern, the Mega Spray not only improves efficiency, but also helps to manage important environmental concerns like spray drift. Spray drift can cause significant harm to neighboring crops, wildlife or water bodies and can lead to increased pest resistance if the targeted organisms do not receive a sufficiently lethal dose. 

As we know, the cost of pesticides and herbicides is significant, and their inefficient application due to drift means wasted resources. Managing spray drift is therefore in the best interests of everyone, and spraying in the dark while conditions are calmer and therefore less of a risk for drift, is a good option. The Mega Spray is the best tool at your disposal to control unwanted spray drift and make the most out of your limited resources. 

Invest in your farm’s future 

Investing in your farm's future requires tools and technology designed for longevity and efficiency. The Mega Spray, with its robust durability and unique farmer-inspired design, stands as a testament to this commitment. Crafted to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, this blue LED boomspray light is not just a tool; it's a strategic investment in your farm's success. 


Designed by farmers, for farmers, the Mega Spray is fit for purpose, ensuring optimal performance in every spraying operation. Its enduring quality and unparalleled functionality make it an indispensable asset, providing long-term value and contributing to the sustained prosperity of your agricultural endeavors. Embrace innovation, secure efficiency, and invest wisely with the Mega Spray - a new way to spray.